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Link My Photos allows you to add links to your Instagram photos. Sign in with Link My Photos, connect your Instagram account, and a page of photos is automatically generated with any photos that include a link in their caption. You can add or edit links on all your Instagram photos, and any clickable photos will appear on your personalized page. You can use this page as your website URL in your Instagram bio.

A personalized page for 1 account and up to 3 photos is free forever. You can continue to add photos to your account on the free plan, but only the 3 most recent clickable photos will appear on your Link My Photos page. If you want unlimited photos, or more than 1 account, see our Pricing page.

How did the idea come about?

Often, our customers post photos to Instagram that are associated with a website promotion or a specific product on an online store. In order to connect the photo with its associated website, our customer would add instructions to click on their link in their bio to see the site. This link would need to be updated regularly with each new photo, and we wanted a way to automate this. Link My Photos allows our customers to have a single link in their Instagram bio that gets updated automatically as new photos are posted to the account.

I have an issue or question. Who do I email?

The best way to reach us is to send an email to

How does privacy work?

Please view our Privacy Policy to read more about how we manage our users' privacy.

All Link My Photos pages are publicly visible, which means anyone who knows the link to your personalized page can view your photos.

By using your Link My Photos landing page as your Instagram website, your followers will have a single point of entry for all of your clickable Instagram photos. You'll never need to update your Instagram website again, and your Link My Photos page serves as an archive for all your old clickable photos, so when your followers are directed to click on the link in your bio, the destination will always remain in context.