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How does it work?

Instagram photos and captions are currently not linkable. The only place where you can add a link to your website is through the URL in your Instagram bio. Link My Photos has created the ultimate destination for your Instagram bio website. Your personalized Link My Photos page displays all of your linkable photos to help your followers get to the content and products that you post on Instagram.

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Setup your Instagram bio

Connect your Instagram account to get your personalized Link My Photos page and set it as your Instagram profile website.

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Link a photo

Include a URL in a photo caption to automatically add it to your personalized page, and manage links in your Link My Photos dashboard to make any photo clickable.

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Get results

See detailed information about which photos are generating the most interest, and how many of your followers are clicking through to your website.

People Link My Photos

Hear from some of our happy customers…

“It’s so much easier than having to change my IG link everytime, and I don’t have to worry about spacing posts with links. The interface is super easy to use and lets users add links without any extra effort!”

“With Link My Photos we have a unique page of a collection of our Instagram posts and one single link, which has allowed us to be more organized and streamlined. It has truly changed our social media practices.”

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